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Douglas B., 46

"I love the KetoMeal and BHB powder the best

- Douglas B., 46

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Brandon S., 32

"With KetoLogic, I was able to feel a difference within a week, see a difference in 2 weeks, and the scale just kept going down

- Brandon S., 32

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Nkosi B., 31

"I’m really happy with the KetoLogic line of products and it was well worth the price! Thank you for making the introduction to keto easy!"

- Nkosi B., 31

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Chrisi S., 38

"After only 30 days, I lost 15 pounds and 13

- Chrisi S., 38

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Tyler B., 27

"The ketogenic diet helped me not only shed more than 60 pounds, but it has totally changed my life and given me a better outlook on life and my health and fitness

- Tyler B., 27

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Sam H., 35

"Definitely notice [FB24 fat loss supplement] helps curb [my] appetite - after taking this and then eating, I feel fuller faster

- Sam H., 35

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Sheena J., 34

"I truly enjoyed the Keto 30 journey! I was a little hesitant with the meal replacement shake, thinking it would still leave me hungry but the taste was amazing and I was able to stay full and stay satisfied while hitting my macros! I lost 4lbs and 12 inches! I feel incredible and my mental clarity increased!"*

- Sheena J., 34

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Jordan W., 29

"Keto is more than just weight loss

- Jordan W., 29

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Gwynn B., 50

"This program is wicked good if you like meats and high-fat proteins

- Gwynn B., 50

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Andrea G., 26

"KetoLogic has 4 easy steps that make it a no-brainer when wanting to achieve your goals

- Andrea G., 26

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Jeff B., 42

"Keto works, and I am so thankful for KetoLogic and their team that got me started on this journey

- Jeff B., 42

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Melissa T., 37

"You will really be amazed at the transformation if you stick to the Keto 30 Plan

- Melissa T., 37

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